i am so in love with you, when I see your face it’s the only thing that matters.
when i think about waking up next to you, i understand why the sun rises everyday.
the thought of my lips against yours makes my skin tingle
and i can practically feel your fingers tangled in my heart strings.
i want my fingers to play a tune on your ribs that gets stuck in your head
so you remember all my love notes are about you.

Anonymous asked:

fuck that anon. feel whatever you feel, it's all valid and valuable. it's unfair to compare people's pain because everyone has unique experiences. Also good luck on the boy trouble <3

thanks, friend.

Anonymous asked:

all your posts are getting really fucking depressing. there are people in the world who are homeless, getting shot at, and so many other horrible things, and your sulking about a boy like its the end of the fucking world. get over yourself.

oh my god, fuck OFF